16 Special Displays

Division 1 - 2023 Theme: “Maine on my Plate” or focus on local agriculture

Businesses, non-profits, youth organizations, etc (see list below) Each group will have an equal amount of space to do a display. All articles in each exhibit shall have been made by the members under the program sponsored. Topic may be of your choosing, but should be agricultural related.

Section 1 - All Groups & Ages

Place: 1st - $100.00 2nd - $90.00 3rd - $80.00


  1. Senior Centers
  2. Assisted Living/Nursing home
  3. Libraries
  4. Youth Organizations
  5. Daycares & Preschools
  6. School Groups
  7. Other (please specify)

Judged on Tie in of the theme, Originality, Title Sign, Public Appeal, Neatness
All clubs making a suitable exhibit will be awarded $45