Demolition Derby

A Family Event

Houlton Agricultural Fair
2021 Demolition Derby


Drivers Rules

  • Drivers must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Drivers must fill out and sign their own entry form and be present for the drivers meeting.
  • Entries limited to 2 (two) cars per driver and pit crew is limited to 2 (two) crew members per driver!
  • Drivers are required to wear helmets. Open face helmets are allowed but FULLFACE helmets are recommended as well as a foam neck brace.
  • Alcohol is absolutely prohibited on the fair grounds. Any driver found to be in possession or under the influence will be immediately disqualified and escorted of the grounds. The same goes for pit crew members.

Participating Regulations

  • Any STOCK hard top automobiles will be allowed (Cars, Station Wagons, & Mini-vans).
  • No Chrysler Imperials or ambulances.
  • No trucks, jeeps, or all wheel drives will be allowed.
  • All glass, chrome, and plastic trim (anything that may become lodged in the track) must be removed before bringing the car onto the grounds. Windshields are optional and may remain intact.
  • Seat belts must be functional and worn at all times.
  • Batteries must be relocated inside the vehicle covered and bolted down. Only one (1) stock car battery will be allowed.
  • Fuel tanks may be replaced by fuel cells or smaller tanks. Stock tanks are allowed but must be relocated to the rear of the cab. All tanks must be securely fastened. NO MORE THAN 5 Gallons in fuel tanks. Fuel tank must be designed as such no 5gal pails or gas cans.
  • Water only in the cooling system, please drain antifreeze and replace with water.
  • Radiators may be relocated at the driver’s discretion for the large car class but must remain in stock position to compete in the compact class. Any compact car with a relocated radiator must compete in the large car class.
  • Doors may be welded or chained, welds must be in three (3) different places and be at least 4 inches long. Doors may be chained if chained through door around door post. Not around window post. Welded doors recommended.
  • Trunk lid to be welded or chained.
  • Hoods to be Chained only incase of fire in the engine compartment.
  • No reinforcement of any kind will be allowed. Trailer hitches must be removed.
  • Stock tires only, no hardened rubber or studded tires, air only no liquids.
  • Vehicle must be cleared by safety techs before each heat.

Updated 5/10/21. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.