16 Canned Goods

Division 1 - Canned Goods (Single Item)

Jars are to be of uniform size. Only items canned in the last 12 months may be entered. No snap top canning jars allowed. The use of bail wire jars and paraffin wax are no longer recommended by the USDA and will not be accepted. Please provide two jars of each canned good. Each exhibitor MUST have their name on the BOTTOM of each jar. Please enter two (2) jars of each item.

Jars of preserved foods.

Section 1 - All Ages

Place: 1st - $6.00 2nd - $5.00 3rd - $4.00


  1. Jam
  2. Jelly
  3. Fruit
  4. Vegetables
  5. Greens
  6. Minced Meats
  7. Pickles
  8.  Butters (such as apple or peach butter)
  9. Catsup, Sauces, and Syrups
  10. Other

Sub – Classes may be determined by judges depending on participation and number of entries. Premiums paid will be at the discretion of the judges.

Example : Jam class may be broken down into strawberry jam and raspberry jam. Classes will be awarded 1st through 3rd place ribbons and premiums paid for each providing there are enough participants. Judges’ decisions are final.

Examples of entries: Rhubarb, strawberries, bread & butter pickles, chili sauce, maple syrup, beets, swiss chard, salsa, pickled zucchini, etc.

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