Demolition Derby

A Family Event

Houlton Agricultural Fair
2019 Demolition Derby—50 car limit
Saturday July 6th, 2019 at 4:00pm

1st Place: $750.00   2nd Place $500.00
3rd Place $300.00
Compact Car Demo Derby – See Form

A. Each driver must be 18 years old or older, with a valid driver’s license and fill out an entry blank. Limit 2 cars per driver.
B. All rules and regulations must be observed or will result in disqualification. Derby officials reserve the right to approve or
reject any and all entries.
C. Only DRIVERS OR PIT CREW will be allowed in the pit area. Each car will have 1 driver & only 2 pit crew. Each must wear
a current derby t-shirt to be authorized to remain in the pit. NO EXCEPTIONS!
D. All team members must pay admission of $6.00 per person (no registration fee for derby).
E. NO ALCOHOLIC beverages are allowed. Any drivers or pit crew caught drinking will result in automatic disqualification of
the car.
F. Tires must be stock size and filled with air only.
G. All cars will be inspected prior to the derby for all rules and regulations.

1. Any American or Canadian made stock hardtop auto or station wagon is allowed. No trucks, Jeeps, etc. will be allowed.
2. All glass and chrome trim and anything that might become embedded in the track must be removed from the car before
bringing it on to the fairgrounds. Car must be cleaned out including the trunk. Don’t leave broken glass in doors. They must
be cleaned out. Call on windshield questions.
3. A maximum of five (5) gallons of gasoline will be allowed. Stock gas tanks secured in right hand back seat area only.
Safely tie down gas cans. (Recommend 5-gallon boat tank-not required.)
4. No reinforcements of any kind will be allowed. Trailer hitches must be removed.
5. Safety belts and helmets are required. All doors must be welded at least eight (8) inches top or bottom on each end of
each door. Or you may chain doors through each door and around the post. All doors, both ends.
6. Drivers may maneuver forward or backward. No deliberate head-on collisions or deliberately ramming driver’s door. This
will mean disqualification.
7. A time limit will be set by the judges. If a driver does not hit a live car within the time limit, this can lead to
disqualification. Do not play possum.
8. Do not weld/bolt hoods of engine compartments. Use chain/wire to fasten shut for easy access in case of fire.
9. All cars must be removed from grounds by the owner at the end of the derby. There will be a $10 deposit on each car.
This will be returned when the car is removed by owner. Cars that are abandoned will be turned over to derby officials to
hire wrecker to remove the cars from the grounds.
10. There will be up to 5 individual heats & a “Free for All” for the first 10 cars repaired & back out on the track.
11. Additional safety regulations may be imposed depending on the condition of the track and derby area. A drivers and pit
crew meeting will be held before the derby for additional announcements and heat assignments.
12. Car numbers will be assigned when registration is received.

Official Entry Blank

Checking this checkbox as the same as signing this form.


Download PDF Version of all Demolition Derby Forms
and mail to Houlton Fair Association, P.O.Box 1454, Houlton, ME 04730.

Any questions: Write us at Houlton Fair Association at the address above or call John Benn at 532-3540.